Individual Therapy

We offer personalized, one-on-one psychotherapy for adolescents and adults. This is a great option for those who are seeking to uncover the reasons for their behaviors and actions, those who have experienced trauma, or those who are simply trying to cope with everyday life. In individual therapy sessions we will explore the areas of your life that are not suiting you well and begin to implement strategies that will assist you in moving forward.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is good to utilize whether you are going to be married in the future, whether you are already married and experiencing difficulties within your marriage, or whether you are in a romantic relationship and have a desire for it to operate more smoothly. In couples therapy we will come to a consensus on a goal for therapy and begin your journey towards a stronger relationship.

Family & Adolescent Therapy

Family therapy is for those who are experiencing some sort of problem within their family that is making it difficult to communicate or function as a unit. It is a passion of ours to bring as many family members into the room, open up the lines of communication and problem solve together in order to get your family functioning again.

Private Practice Coaching

Camille offers coaching to licensed clinicians who are interested in beginning and growing a private practice. Through hard work and research, Camille has grown her practice into one that is consistently thriving. Camille learned this process on her own with little mentorship and wishes she had some coaching along the way; therefore, she has a desire to share her knowledge and help build up competent therapists. If you are interested, call or email Camille to set up a coaching session.