Grief & Loss

Have you experienced a recent loss or traumatic death in your life? If so, grief counseling may be instrumental in helping you process your feelings that are arising. We offer a safe and calm environment to explore your grief, share your story and assist you in understanding what you are feeling.

Relationship Issues

Relationships can feel both overwhelming and beautiful. It can be helpful to seek therapy if you are hoping to improve communication skills, deepen intimacy, or build conflict resolution skills. Couples therapy in particular can be helpful for couples who are married, engaged or in a committed relationship, or those navigating separation/divorce.

Postpartum & Women's Issues

As a woman, you are inevitably faced with unique challenges. If you are navigating pregnancy, miscarriage, or postpartum-related issues, you may be seeking extra support in this season of life. As women ourselves, we take a particular interest in empowering women to build upon their strengths and create a meaningful life.


If you have experienced trauma as a young child, adolescent, or adult, we are here to help you process what you have been through. We will approach your therapy with a trauma-informed, evidence-based framework – maintaining your safety and moving at your pace.

Depression & Anxiety

Whether you have been experiencing symptoms of depression or anxiety for months or even years, we would be honored to walk alongside you in your healing journey. Depression and anxiety have a way of making one feel isolated and disconnected from others and themselves. Our hope is to bring a therapeutic connection into your life to begin the healing process.