Pacific Emotional Wellness

A Soulful and Deep Approach to Therapy


Pacific Emotional Wellness is a group practice led by Camille Johnson, and consists of several skilled therapists. We offer therapy to adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Our therapists have a wide range of clinical specialties. We take a deep and soulful approach to walking alongside our clients on their journey of growth and healing. Whether you are feeling stuck in the rut of life, dealing with grief/loss, having relationship concerns, experienced a trauma, or confused about what you’re feeling, we are here for you no matter what stage of your healing journey you are in.

We're so glad you are here

Located in San Luis Obispo on the beautiful Central Coast of California

Our Mission

We are here to help you safely navigate each step of your growth and healing. We truly believe in the value of therapeutic relationships, and therefore seek to serve those in the greater San Luis Obispo area with finding health in their minds, balance in their lives, and emotional wholeness.