Personalized psychotherapy is ideal for adults seeking to uncover meaningful patterns in their behavior, heal from trauma, or cope with everyday life. Together, we'll tap into a deeper understanding of who you are, explore what's no longer serving you, and map out healthy ways to move forward.


Open to any and all couples regardless of marriage status, Couples Therapy provides practical support to meet your unique challenges. You and your partner will define shared goals, become better communicators, and learn to connect on a deeper level.


Finding it difficult to communicate and function as a family? Beyond adolescent children and parents, we welcome adult children and parents as well. Reveal the heart of the issue with a focus on problem solving.


Private Practice Coaching

Are you a licensed clinician interested in starting or growing your own practice or group practice? With over 9 years of experience and limitless dedication, Camille offers 1:1 mentoring to create the thriving impactful practice you envision.

1:1 Clinical Consultation

Interested in earning more experience as a clinician? You found a reliable guide to help you explore and enhance your work. Together, we'll dive deep into your abilities in a safe environment with space to grow. A Jung and depth oriented therapist, Camille is equipped to collaborate with you one-on-one.


Grief & Loss

If you're experiencing loss or a traumatic death, Grief & Loss Counseling is a safe place to share your story and explore your grief. Better understand complex feelings with an experienced guide prepared to listen and provide support.


Our team is especially qualified to serve those experiencing child loss.

Relationship Issues

Relationships can be both incredible and incredibly difficult. Whether you're overwhelmed with a specific struggle or seeking to gain conflict resolution skills, we offer strategies to better communicate and deepen intimacy.


Navigating parenting, infertility, pregnancy, miscarriage, or postpartum-related issues isn't easy. You deserve caring support throughout these transformative seasons and our all-women practice is here to help.


Exhausted or overwhelmed focusing your love, energy, and attention on others? It's time to reconnect with who you are with encouraging 1:1 attention completely dedicated to your health and happiness.


You don't need to navigate trauma alone. Whether you experienced trauma as a child, adolescent, or adult, processing what you've been through takes time and energy. You can count on a safe process that moves at your own pace.

Depression & Anxiety

If you experience symptoms of depression or anxiety, know that you're not alone. We're here to walk alongside you with a therapeutic connection designed to heal.


What's the difference between a Licensed and Associate Therapist?

>> Licensed Therapists hold a masters degree and a California license in Marriage and Family Therapy or Social Work.


>> Associate Therapists hold a masters degree and are in the process of completing 3,000 hours of post-degree work before taking the California licensure exam. Associate Therapists are supervised by a Licensed Therapist.


Rest assured, when you work with a Licensed or Associate Therapist, you're being seen by a dedicated and trained professional committed to you and your goals.

How are therapists licensed in California?

Candidates must complete a masters in either social work or psychology, work 2+ years and 3000 hours under the supervision of a licensed clinician, and pass two rigorous state exams.


Does Pacific emotional welllness offer a sliding scale?

A limited amount of sliding scale spots are available per clinician. Please call the office to determine if there are any sliding scale spots open.

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