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Finding it difficult to function as a family?

Open a new door with clear communication. Family therapy offers a constructive path to improving and nurturing the relationships that matter to you. Change is possible. Together, we'll navigate your unique challenges to transform the way you connect and communicate as a family.

A safe space for healing, expect caring insights along with a candid exploration of how you want your family relationships to feel. All with an open mind and open heart.

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You can expect to:
  • Listen to the people you love 
  • Learn new ways to relate 
  • Create healthy boundaries
  • Reveal the heart of challenging issues
  • Focus on problem-solving solutions
Is family therapy for you?

If you're ready for meaningful change, you're exactly where you need to be. 

Our therapeutic services offer fresh insights, comfort, and practical skills for those experiencing family relationship issues. If you want to improve communication with your loved ones or reconnect with family members, we're here to help. 

Pacific Emotional Wellness primarily serves adult children and parents. Adolescent children and parents are welcome as well. 


We understand family can feel incredibly rewarding and challenging.

Led by Camille Johnson (LMFT), our San Luis Obispo practice is equipped to navigate anything you're motivated to work through. Friendly and caring, expect a judgment-free approach to empower you and your loved ones.



You deserve happy and healthy relationships with your family.

During your family therapy sessions, you'll experience time and space to settle in before building awareness around your internal landscape. Think: feelings, behaviors, body sensations, inner thoughts, and more. 

At Pacific Emotional Wellness, we believe there are no "bad parts" of who you are. Every piece of yourself offers a purpose and practical wisdom to becoming whole.


Compassion changes everything.

Request your family therapy session with Pacific Emotional Wellness now.