Trauma Counseling

Help is here


Trauma Counseling

Help is here

If you're experiencing trauma, you found a caring space to heal and grow. At Pacific Emotional Wellness, we focus on a mind/body perspective to effectively process trauma of all kinds at your own pace. You don't need to face this journey alone. Empower yourself with healthy tools to transform your life.


Healing & Acceptance is Possible

You're not alone

What you've experienced is incredibly difficult. Feeling the impact is natural and counseling can help.

Your mind and body matter

Our therapeutic care includes focus on both emotional and body processing.

You found a safe space for healing

The future you want is possible for you. Take the first step today.

- What to Expect -

Personalized care

You and your experience are unique. Your counseling support and solutions will be too.

Reliable Resources

You will be given time and guidance while processing trauma. We offer both emotional and physical techniques to calm the nervous system.

Ongoing Support

Processing traumatic events takes time. Be patient with yourself every step of the way.

Our Team

A compassionate group of Central Coast clinicians specialized in treating Depression and Anxiety, expect clear guidance to transform your life.